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Get A Hug A Day For The Health Of It

It doesn’t matter what our age is, physical contact with a loved one can make our day and can keep our health and attitude in good condition! A full body hug from your children brings not only a smile to your face, but it can help ease depression, anxiety, stress, disease and especially loneliness. When you hug your children and grandchildren, pull them close so your hearts are pressing together and enjoy the closeness.

What are some other benefits of a hug?Seniors Hugging

  1. Hugging someone builds trust and brings a sense of safety and security.
  2. A hug can instantly boost your oxytocin levels and this is what leads to a better attitude about anger, isolation and loneliness. An extra-long hug can elevate your serotonin levels and elevate your mood.
  3. A hug can strengthen your immune system and help keep you healthy.
  4. Hugging can boost your self-esteem because getting a hug helps you know you are loved and cherished.
  5. A hug can help release tension by relaxing your muscles.
  6. Hugs are reciprocal and as such, show how love flows from the giver to the receiver.
  7. Being embraced brings us back to the moment and shows us how to let go and simply be present.

If you have gotten out of the habit of hugging, make it part of your greeting or good bye ritual when your family pops by for a visit. It’s been said, anecdotally, that “we need four hugs a day to survive, eight for maintenance and 12 for growth.” How many hugs have you given or received today?

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