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Does Your Loved One Need New Glasses?

Is your loved one squinting or having trouble reading small print? As we age so do our eyes, so it is important to address vision problems as they occur and have frequent eye checkups. Visits to the eye doctor should occur once every two years or if the loved one begins to experience problems with their vision.

The most common signs of vision problems include blurred vision, straining to read, squinting, and frequent headaches. All of these vision problems can be resolved with a pair of corrective lenses.

Age causes the lens in the eyes to begin to lose flexibility causing it to be harder to focus especially on smaller print. The condition known as Presbyopia is a natural part of the aging process but does not usually affect the long distance vision. Presbyopia is not curable but can be effectively addressed with the right corrective lenses. When a loved one ages they may not want to admit they need glasses but should be encouraged to visit the eye doctor and obtain a pair of glasses to correct their vision problems.

Your loved one will have several choices for corrective glasses. Progressive lenses correct vision at any distance and can be custom made for the loved ones personality and style preferences. Bifocals and trifocals are another option for the aging eyes. These lenses will contain two or three separate sections designed to correct different types of vision problems. Lastly single vision reading glasses are an option for the aging eyes but the loved one should not purchase inexpensive reading glasses from the pharmacy. They should instead get prescription lenses from an eye doctor to ensure higher quality.

Once it has been determined corrective lenses are necessary the next step for the loved one is to select a pair of glasses that suit their unique personality and style. Eye glass frames come in many different fun styles and colors designed to fit all face shapes and sizes and to suit all types of skin coloring. Eyeglass frame styles and colors should flatter the wearer and reflect their personality. Selecting the best pair of glasses depends on the person and their specific needs but it also depends on what makes the loved one most happy and comfortable. Eyeglasses might be necessary for the aging eyes or even just for a person experiencing vision problems but they can also be fashionable and flatter the face of the wearer.

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