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You Are Never Too Old To Dance

At LifeFone, we think you’re never too old to dance! Dancing is a great way to stay healthy & happy, and that applies to people of all ages, especially seniors. Heading out to dance can improve your cardiovascular health and increase your strength, making for healthy seniors. Plus dancing is a social activity that’s enjoyed all around the world—you can dance anywhere you like!

Not only that, there is scientific proof behind the benefits of boogying!

Waltzing with your heart:
According to a study published in the journal, Circulation, people with stable, but chronic heart failure, may derive the same aerobic health advantages from learning how to waltz as they would from more traditional forms of cardiovascular exercise such as walking or cycling.


Dance away depression:
When a group of men and women with mood disorders participated in a two-week tango instruction program, they felt less depressed, and also experienced significant reductions in their stress levels, anxiety and insomnia.

Defending against dementia with disco:
Dancing appears to offer the best chance to stave off dementia when compared to other leisure activities like golfing, crossword puzzles, reading, cycling etc.  According to a 21-year study led by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 76 percent of aging adults who danced had a reduced risk for developing dementia.  Experts theorize that dancing is beneficial for our brains because of the combination of cardiovascular exercise and having to make split-second decisions that forces our neural network to create new pathways.

You can-can do it, in spite of health issues:
Cancer, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, asthma, dementia, heart disease – what do all of these conditions have in common?  They don’t prohibit you from dancing. There are a host of benefits from dancing, with very few risks. Of course, you should always check with your health care provider before becoming involved in a regular activity, even dancing.

As a company focused on help seniors age in place, we like to share tips on how to avoid or prevent falls. Seniors who dance can also improve their balance, gait and overall mobility. Dancing can help reduce the risk of falls, fractures and immobility. Dancing, combined with a fall detection medical alert from LifeFone, keeps seniors a skip and a hop away from fall related incidents. Now what are you waiting for!? Grab your grandmas and grandpas and get out on the dance floor, because you are never too old to dance!

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