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Daily Exercises For Seniors

Daily exercise is crucial to living a long, healthy lifestyle. If you’re a caregiver and wondering what the best exercises for your aging seniors are, here is a list of four exercises that can be done every day from home. These activities are easy to remember and will help keep your loved ones steady on their feet for years to come!

Although there are many exercises, these four will help keep your aging seniors moving and limber as they age:

  1. Work on balance: While holding onto something firm such as a counter, stand on one foot for at least 10 seconds and then repeat for the other foot. Balance is one of the most important factors to not falling and as your balance increases you can increase the length of time you do this exercise.Seniors Exercise
  2. Work on stability: Similar to your balance workout, this stability activity will help strengthen your legs and help train your muscles to catch your balance if you begin to trip or fall. While holding onto a firm surface such as a counter, place one hand on your hip and lunge forward with one foot, pause, and return to your standing position. Repeat with the other foot and alternate at least 10 times on each leg. Remember, don’t push too hard, do as many reps as you feel comfortable with and as you gain strength increase your reps.
  3. March on: Again, hold onto a steady surface and begin to march in place alternating legs. Be sure to lift your knee up to your hip height and repeat 20 times, 10 on each leg. Be sure to maintain your balance and as you strengthen your lower legs you will begin to feel your posture changing, increasing your hip strength and making it easier to climb steps.
  4. Calf lifts: With your feet apart while holding onto a counter, begin to lift your heel off the floor, rolling onto your toes and holding for 10 seconds. Return your heel back to the floor and repeat with the other foot. Try repeating at least 10 times on each foot and be sure to maintain your balance. As you strengthen your calves and legs you will begin to notice that walking and everyday activities will become easier.

LifeFone recommends that these exercise be done every day to help increase stability, strength and overall fitness. Remembering that in the case of an emergency, your best bet is to have a medical alert device, which can summon emergency help at the push of a button. If your loved one regularly leaves the home, LifeFone’s on-the-go medical alert device might be a great choice to keeping them safe throughout the day.


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