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Creating a Safe Bathroom Environment

Creating the proper environment will allow a caregiver to feel safe about leaving their loved ones alone especially when using the bathroom, in particular showering.

Having a non skid floor can help but after a hot shower, moisture will, without a doubt, be present and can have some devastating effects if a loved one were to fall. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Problem #1: What type of shower is currently installed? Many tub versions of showers have high sides, which can create a problem for the elderly to climb over. They also tend to be more on the slippery side even when not wet. This double whammy can great problems when trying to safely maneuver in and out of the shower.
  • Solution #1: Consider installing a walk-in shower with grab bars and a non-slip surface for easy access. Although this transition can many times be pricey, the safely aspect can not be priced
  • Problem #2: Can your loved one get up and down off of the toilet easily? Many times older toilets are low and create as issue when getting up and down.
  • Solution #2: Consider installing a taller toilet with handles on both sides. This will allow for easy up and down and create some stability while sitting on the toilet. Relatively easy fix with a great result!
  • Problem #3: Many times bathrooms don’t have enough light especially for an elderly loved on who is battling vision issues.
  • Solution #3: Providing extra light is always a great options but installing a new fixture with brighter light and possibly higher watt can help fix the problem. Also, have a motion sensor can even increase the effectiveness as the light would come on immediately when one enters the room.

Even when every precaution is taken, emergencies can still occur. In the event your loved one should slip or fall, a medical alert system from LIfeFone could save their life when minutes count. By providing a medical alarm to your loved one, it provides a safety net 300 ft. in any direction from the base unit in the event of an emergency. This service provides peace of mind to you and your loved one.

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