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Common Sense Tips For Finding A Quality Medical Alert Provider

Television commercials, mailings, Internet advertising and even telemarketers continually bombard our aging relatives with information and sales pitches on everything from vitamins to groceries to home medical alert device providers. How do you tone down the noise and make an informed decision, especially as it pertains to finding a provider for medical alert devices and the providers that carry them?

What you’re looking for in a provider of medical alert systems and equipment is quality care, quality equipment and excellent response time. How can you know whether you’re making the right choice? Here are some items to consider before making any final decisions on a medical alert system provider:

  • Check the website for testimonials. Check the internet for information about the company and its service. Does the medical alert service provider have a personalized medical emergency instructions sheet available for you to complete? If so, in the event of a medical emergency the customer service representative will have immediate access to your medical conditions, medications taken, preferred doctors and hospitals and the contact information for friends and family that you have designated.
  • Is the provider current with technologies? Does the equipment they provide meet UL Underwriting standards? A forward-thinking company will keep up with current trends as well as take into consideration the needs of the customers with whom they work. Look for a provider that has easy to use equipment, state of the art technology, easy to contact customer service representatives and an easy to navigate website.
  • Make certain the provider you are speaking with is transparent in its dealings with you. You will want to know the exact price out of the box for the equipment as well as the monthly monitoring fees. Ask if there are any cancellation penalties  or if you can pay on a month-by-month basis. Ask what you get “in the box” with your medical monitoring device, how much it costs for a personal medical device, what the cost is for an additional pendant if needed and if two users of the service in the same house means you will receive a double charge. If you have questions that are not immediately and clearly answered, you may want to look for another provider.
  • When you call into the provider do you always reach a live person? At LifeFone you always will. In the case of an emergency time is of the essence and you cannot afford to be on hold or to have to choose from a push button menu to reach an individual. Finding a customer-focused medical alert provider is critically important.
  • Finding a company to provide medical alert  protection and support will also involve finding one that doesn’t apply sales pressure or hype. You want to look for a company that answers your questions in a straight-forward manner and doesn’t try to up-sell you into features other than those you originally contracted for. You will also want to find a company that does not ask for personal, private information over the telephone prior to answering any questions you may have.

The information for signing up for home medical monitoring services is essentially the same as any other purchase you may help your parents make. The major exception is that, this equipment is used in potentially life or death situations and when time is of the essence you need a medical alert provider that is qualified, experienced and always available.

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