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How Can You ‘Age Gracefully’?

We have all heard that the only two things you can count on in life are death and taxes. We also know that aging is inevitable, but there are steps that everyone can take to make aging gracefully a reality.

What can you do to make your Golden Years as wonderful as your younger years? Here are a few of our favorite tips:

  1. Remember that it is never too late. Even if you don’t feel your best right now, there is no time like the present to make a change. Does that mean eating more healthy meals? Getting up and exercising? Becoming more social and getting out with friends and family? Make it a mission to do any or all of those. If, however, you are dealing with any ongoing health issues, make certain you check with your doctor before you begin any exercise or new diet routine. Any changes that you make right now will only benefit you and your health for the rest of your life.
  2. Get up and move. “Move it or lose it” is a phrase you’ve likely heard before. That holds true for everyone, especially as we age. Get up and move around. Walk the dog. Take a stroll around the neighborhood after dinner. Do five minutes of stretching when you wake up in the morning. Find a senior yoga class. Go swimming.
  3. Get a clean bill of health. If you haven’t been to the doctor in some time, make an appointment and get a check-up. An ounce of prevention includes annual physicals, getting a flu shot, having screenings for breast and colorectal cancer. Knowing your baseline numbers for your blood pressure, blood sugar levels and your heart will help you to keep healthy or uncover any underlying health issues before they become severe.
  4. Adjust your attitude. Individuals with positive attitudes just might be healthier than those with negative attitudes. Having a positive attitude could also lead to decreases in stress levels and reduce the need for medications for blood pressure. Keep a gratitude journal. Stay involved in hobbies that you love. Meet friends for dinner. Volunteer at an organization that you have an affinity for. Giving back is always a great attitude adjuster.
  5. Get a good night’s sleep. The body’s need for sleep doesn’t diminish as we age even though we feel like we don’t need as much sleep. Get into a relaxing bedtime habit, stick with it and allow your body the time it needs to repair and rejuvenate while you get some shut eye.

Whether you want to keep up with the grandkids or simply enjoy all that your Golden Years have to offer, pick one or two of these steps above and start aging gracefully!

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