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Benefits of a Personal Medical Response System

When you or an elderly family member needs an emergency plan when they are home alone, the personal medical response system is the perfect solution.

This device is designed to be worn around the neck, so when the medical alert button is pushed, a care agent will be notified of the emergency. The device can be worn at all times, even while the individual is sleeping. For less than a dollar a day, it allows the person to have 24 hour protection. This can be particularly useful for someone who is elderly and prone to falling. For instance, as we get older, our hips and other bones become less dependable. This can often cause falling and when it does, it can be very difficult for a person to get up on their own. This is when they can use the PERS to notify the care agents at LifeFone that they have fallen and need medical assistance. The system can also be very useful for a child or even an adult that wants an emergency plan option for times when they are in danger or need medical assistance at home.

No special equipment to buy or hidden charges

When you decide to purchase the personal emergency response system, you do not have to pay for any equipment or activations fees. Similarly, if you want to cancel, there is no cancellation fee.

Customized response based on your needs

The personal emergency response system provides a customized solution to your medical needs. You will receive the benefits of the response center without having to pay a high price. For less than a dollar a day, you will gain access to the emergency care plan provided by LifeFone and you will be able to access their response center at any time. When device is pressed, a care agent will come onto the system and attempt to gain contact with the person who has signaled the alert. If they cannot receive contact to verify that everything is okay, the emergency care plan is initiated based on the instructions provided by the user.

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