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5 Reasons To Change Doctors

How is your relationship with your doctor? Do you feel like he or she listens, understands, and treats you respectfully? Or, do you feel that you and your doctor are out of sync; maybe the time has come that you should re-examine your relationship with your doctor. Whether or not you are happy with your doctor there are five reasons to change doctors.

Staying with a doctor you aren’t happy with is can be as harmful as staying in an unhealthy relationship, simply because it’s easier than making a change. However, parting ways may be the healthiest choice you ever make. Changing doctors can be a challenging process. Before you invest the time figuring out how to switch doctors, it’s important to take a look at whether such a change is necessary.

You don’t feel your doctor is listening:
Your doctor should listen – closely – to all of your concerns. No matter how small the problem seems, or how large, like heart disease, or your family’s history of cancer. They should listen. If, however, all he or she wants to do is talk about your bad back, there’s a major disconnect, and this could be a sign of trouble.

You don’t mesh:
While you and your physician don’t, and quite possibly shouldn’t, see eye to eye on everything, it is helpful if you work well together. For instance, if you are looking for a partnership in regards to your health, then someone who gives orders is more than likely not the best option for you.

Conversely, if you like a doctor that is direct and to the point, and the one you are seeing is more of a conversational type of personality, that could also contribute to your desire to make a change.

Time management:
Your current physician simply doesn’t respect your time. If you routinely have to wait an hour and then feel like he or she speeds through your appointment, then this is a good reason to make a change. As the patient, you should never feel rushed to have your concerns heard. More and more physicians are becoming sensitive to your precious time, so finding one that can be as punctual as possible shouldn’t be difficult.

Lack of education:
In the age of technology, answers to your medical questions are at the end of your fingertips. However, those answers can be wrong. You should be able to ask your doctor questions and receive educated answers. You should be educated completely about your medications, conditions and treatment options without having to search the web.

Lack of proper coordination:
If you see more than one doctor, having them work in conjunction is imperative to your overall health.  Most often, your PCP acts as the ‘hub’ between them all, and if this isn’t the case, then it’s time to look elsewhere.

Some, or all of these may be concerns you are having. At all stages of life, working with a doctor you can trust and upon whom you can rely is so important. If you believe it is time to make a change, then we recommend you talk to family members, trusted friends, and others within your social circle, and begin to make the necessary calls.

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