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Choosing A Healthy Diet And Exercise Plan

A couple of important things you can do to remain healthy, mobile and independent is to exercise regularly, and make smart food choices. At LifeFone, your health and safety is our number one priority. Choosing a healthy diet and exercise plan will help keep you in top shape, and feeling younger.

As we age, the body begins to slow down causing various aches and pains. Though minor, they can make us more vulnerable to fatigue, fragility, and other degenerative maladies.  Nevertheless, there is hope!  There are a few foods that can assist in counteracting those undesirable effects of aging.  While not miracle cures – and please don’t buy the hype that they are – they will improve your general health and vivacity.

Healthy Diet And Exercise

A healthy diet and exercise can maintain a fit body into old age. There are foods exceptionally proficient at reducing the effects of age-related health problems and diseases.

Walnuts/nuts assist with managing cholesterol levels, improve digestive functioning, and strengthen immunity due to their rich mineral content. They are also chock full of omega-3 essential fatty-acids.

Berries are a great source in helping to reduce inflammation, especially blueberries.  In addition, they help avert oxidative-damage due to age associated disadvantages.

Dark Chocolate, oh yes, you can have chocolate, yet it must contain at least 70% cocoa.  Consuming dark chocolate can invigorate circulation and improve the skin’s ability to hold moisture, thereby giving the skin a more youthful appearance.

Older adults need at least two days of strength exercises and a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise each week.  The goal is to improve endurance, strength and flexibility. Here’s a few simple exercises to help increase strength and endurance.

Making sure you have your medical alert device from LifeFone on you when you are exercising is very important.  Sometimes when you are done with your workout, you could experience light-headedness.  If needed, help is just a push of a button away.

A calf pump can be done anywhere.  At your kitchen counter, waiting in line for your favorite coffee, or the bathroom sink simply raise and lower your legs on the tips of the toes about twenty times quickly.  This exercise will help build stronger calf muscles, and will pump more oxygen to the brain.

Doing an easy leg extension while seated helps keep your knee joints moving, and builds strength in your hamstring muscles.  Raise one leg at a time, and hold for a few seconds, between 5-10, and then lower.  Again, doing twenty per leg a few times a week is a great start!

For a bicep curl, weights aren’t even necessary.  Grab a couple of soup cans, or any can that weighs about a pound and off you go.  Seated, just curl your arms, using the bicep muscle twenty or thirty times helps to increase the strength in the arms and shoulders.

Choosing a low-impact aerobic exercise will help prevent joint injuries.  Low-impact aerobics is as simple as walking, bike riding or swimming. Aerobic type exercises raise the heart rate, thereby causing more oxygen and blood flow to the brain, keeping you alert, and warding off depression.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to diet and exercise, but, implementing these healthy diet and exercise tips will help keep you going for miles and miles.

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