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Meal Prep for Your Loved Ones

One of the most important things we can do for our aging loved ones is to make sure that they are keeping themselves properly nourished.  Often times it can be hard for them to get out to the grocery store, or to even consider what they may even feel like eating.  Because of that, taking the time to do some meal prepMeal Prep ahead for them may be an option that would work for your loved one.

Of course, that brings into the thought of safety in the kitchen for your aging loved one.  As more and more of our seniors are able to be independent, it’s important to allow them the space to do things on their own.  The kitchen can be a concern, however, because of the dangers that do lie there.  Removing hot items from the stove, out of the oven, etc. can be a concern because we don’t want them to be injured while cooking.

This is just one of the great reasons to have a Lifefone Medical Alert system for your loved one.  Should a fire or burn occur, your loved one can have emergency services at their door within minutes.   Having the system in place gives your loved one an extra level of confidence that they can be independent, and gives you, the caregiver, the assurance that they have this service on board.

It’s also a concern that you may have that your loved one will be eating the meals you prepare for them, in which case, Lifefone offers a daily call to them to make sure that they are eating.  Having a third party call removes the emotions from the check-in, and could be a great reminder to your loved one that you love them.

If you feel your loved one is not capable of re-heating the food you’ve prepared for them, a service like Meals on Wheels may of benefit to you.  There are also many other options along the lines of in-home care that you can hire that will send a regular person in to prepare meals, do light cleaning, and even play  games or read  to your aging loved one.

With the many different options available to you, and subsequently your loved one, their ability to stay independent can be a long adventure.

A Lighter side of Caregiving

When caring for a loved one with a long-term illness, we often get caught up in the daily routine of meals, clean up, laundry, and the cycle repeats day after day. When days run into one another, we get weary, and sometimes we can get short with those that we love. Continue reading

Tech Tools for Caregivers

Many mid-lifers are now caring for their aging parents. With the amount of technology at our fingertips, that job is getting more manageable. Continue reading

Talk About Cholesterol

With all this talk about cholesterol, one would think we would know what we are talking about. But if you stop the average person on the street and ask: “What is cholesterol?” … most people would fumble over their definition like a first time dancer attempting to do the tango. It may surprise you to know that cholesterol isn’t bad in and of itself unless it begins to form plaque between the layers of your arteries. Then there are issues. Continue reading

Can Dementia Be Prevented?

As we age, the fear of dementia or developing Alzheimer’s Disease is very real. Statistics show that “as many as five million Americans, age 65 and older, may have Alzheimer’s and it’s estimated that number will double for every five year interval beyond age 65.” Alzheimer’s is the most commonly thought of form of dementia, but there are other forms. Continue reading

Caregivers Guide To Diabetes

If you’re a caregiver, chances are you are taking care of aging or elderly loved ones, helping them monitor their medications and making note of any changes in their physical or mental health. One of the changes you need to be aware of is the potential for developing diabetes as this is a very real possibility as we age. Continue reading

Keeping Lone Workers Safe

Most people think of personal medical devices and other similar systems as being something used by the elderly or the ill, but these devices can be literal life-savers for individuals who work alone at night. With a LifeFone Mobile Alert you and your family can be connected and safe whether you’re at home or working alone. Continue reading

Forgetfulness - Is It Normal?

Of course it is. Forgetfulness is simply something that happens.  We forget were we put our keys, forget if we turned off the iron, the oven, the bathroom light. Continue reading

January is National Sunday Supper Month

January can be such a long month.  The Holiday season has ended, and January can be a hard month for so many.  Spending time together once a week is a great way to break up the long, cold weeks, especially if you live in the colder climates and sharing Sunday Supper together is to be celebrated this month! Continue reading

January is National Bath Safety Month

A common area where seniors often end up having a fall is in the bathroom, and helping prevent those kinds of accidents is what January’s National Bath Safety Month is all about. Continue reading

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