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Lifefone Reviews

Lifefone Customer Reviews

Caregivers and subscribers describe how LifeFone's Emergency Medical Alert System provides peace of mind and help for relatives with medical emergencies.

..."You have saved me more times that I can ever tell you. The people that you have working for you, I could hug each one of them…I had a whole bunch of [companies to choose from], and I chose yours, because yours seemed to be the most efficient, and I was right. I was a 100% right…Thank you and God bless you..."


Elvira M.

Newport Port Richey FL

"I wanted to thank you for your urgency and follow up in this sale. The rapport you established and your patience on the phone in answering my many questions was the primary reason you got this sale and I wanted you to know it. Your display of flexibility reinforced my trust in you. If the unit works as well as you do in representing it, I promise to recommend it to the many senior citizen buddies I have in this neck of the woods."

Jay F.

Croton-on-Hudson, NY

I want to thank you, thank you girls, thank you all for being there for me...Thank God for people like you and LifeFone, all of you. Blessings always!

Elsie M.

Merritt Island, FL


My wife and I were vacationing out of town when I received a call from LifeFone informing me that my mother had activated her pendant. As she could not make contact with my mother over the two-way device, she dispatched an ambulance. Within 5 minutes I received a call from a fireman informing me that my mother had fallen and they would be transporting her to the hospital.

I ordered the LifeFone unit for my mother two years ago and thank God I did. Without it there is no way to tell how long she would have laid in the backyard. The service worked exactly the way it was advertised.

I would like to thank LifeFone for the actions that resulted in my mother receiving prompt emergency medical attention. There is no way that I can say thank you more sincerely than – THANK YOU.

Phil G.

Roseville, CA

I wanted to let you know that 2 years ago we signed up my 92 year old aunt who lives alone with Lifefone after a fall in her home that left her helpless for over 8 hours. Since then on the 2 occasions when she needed it, it has been a lifeline. Lifefone provides peace of mind to her and our family. Because of the great service we have received we did not hesitate to call when it came time to purchase a unit for my father. Your team has always been professional, friendly and helpful. Thank you.

Alice B.

Wesley Chapel, FL

parker testimonial"One month ago today I fell in my house, I pressed the LifeFone and my life was saved. Without you I would not be here.... there is no way I can tell you how grateful I am to you and how efficient your operation is -- Thank You."

K. Parker

Miami, FL

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feliciano testimonialThank you for setting up my mother-in-law's LifeFone; she thinks it is great! As my husband said, "thank you for giving Mom back her life."

S. Feliciano

Weston, CT

reid testimonialI would like to commend your staff on the way everything was handled when my Mother fell and broke her leg several months ago. It was indeed reassuring to know that the little necklace she was wearing really did work!

J. Reid

Los Angeles, CA

augustus testimonialOn March 2nd I fell in my driveway and fractured my hip. I pushed the button on my pendant. In less than 10 minutes two policemen and an ambulance were here. Thanks for this marvelous LifeFone service.

E. Augustus

Cleveland, OH

herman testimonialI was alone when I found that I was having difficulties breathing. I pressed the LifeFone button; within seconds a calm, quiet voice called and asked if I was all right. All my family was called promptly! My thanks for your rapid, efficient response to my call for help.

J. Herman M.D.

Hewlett, NY

If there is anyone on earth that I am grateful to, it is to your company and the marvelous service you rendered in my behalf. You responded to my emergency in magnificent fashion and I will always be grateful.

C. McGeorge

New York

I would like to express a Thank You! for your operators having the courtesy and the kindness they had when Mother would test her system each month. She felt safer with the system and could rest knowing if she fell she could press the button to call and someone would get help. I will refer your company to anyone who is in need of this kind of service.

K. Chandler


I would like to commend you and your company for the great level of service we have received from you the past few years. My mother will be 99 next month and it is very reassuring for me to see how much you guys are on top of your game. I really appreciate that you are proactive in sending out new medallions as needed. I spoke to Shirley today and she was very helpful and courteous Thanks again.

D. Crome


My aunt was not feeling well and pressed the LifeFone button on her necklace. Immediately the system went into effect. An ambulance was at her door within a very short period of time. A neighbor was summoned to be there to let the EMT’s in and I was called. My aunt was taken to a nearby hospital and I met her in the emergency room. She was able to tell us that she was pleased that we had gotten the LifeFone for her.

C. Schneidman

Thank you for your time explaining the features and benefits of the LifeFone. Because of your thorough knowledge of the product and services, I was confident in my purchase for my uncle. I set it up in no time and we were up and running. I will recommend the LifeFone to others that may be in need of this type of technology vs. the competition.

D. Williams

Three years ago, after extensively researching monitoring systems for the elderly, I chose LifeFone. I reached my decision based on company history, product/service and the level and nature of help I received from your representatives. It was an important decision because I was entrusting your company with my mother’s safety; possibly her life. But I never imagined that LifeFone would come to the rescue in the way that one of your employees did...Please accept my deep and sincere thanks for the service your company provides, and for the excellent way in which you provide it.

S. George

New York

"Efficiency accompanied by courtesy is a rare combination in today's work world. It is even more rare to find dedicated people who love their work and carry out their duties both competently and enthusiastically. Your staff has it all! The dedicated personal assistance I received was outstanding."

A. McGuinness

I had LifeFone for 3 days. I went into congestive heart failure. I was having a very hard time breathing. So much so, that I was unable to dial 911 and tell them where to go. I pushed the button for LifeFone and the paramedics showed up soon thereafter, otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation. Just wanted to say, Well Done!!!

Dick Butler

Mableton, GA