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Current Scams And Fraudulent Marketing Calls

It is a sad fact that there are individuals who prey on the elderly, whether it's a door-to-door sales person or a telemarketer scams. It's been reported recently there are fraudulent telemarketing calls being made to the elderly with offers of installing home alarm systems free of charge.

The callers either try to coerce the senior into switching alarm or home security carriers to another provider or the caller tries to glean sensitive personal, financial information.

Those being contacted are asked to provide personal information before they are even allowed to speak to a “live” representative or to ask for further information.

The Medical Alarm Monitoring Association (MAMA) is following up on this issue and is advising anyone who is called to immediately hang up. Legitimate companies would not cold call a customer and request personal or financial information over the phone prior to explaining the reason for the call or the service that is being provided.

MAMA advises individuals to research any company prior to making a purchase and to not make purchases based on an unsolicited phone call. Bank information, credit card information, birth dates, etc. and other personal information should never be provided to someone calling your home.

Caregivers should talk with their loved ones and warn them of this situation and urge them to not take any phone calls from numbers they don’t recognize and to not give any personal information over the telephone or to those who come door-to-door unsolicited.

If you are a LifeFone subscriber and have questions about a call you may receive about a medical alert provider, you may contact LifeFone at 1-800-882-2280 for more information. You may also contact MAMA at 1-800-882-2280.


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