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SilverBills Takes Over the Burden of Paying

Lifefone has recently partnered with SilverBills to help clients live in their homes safely and securely without having to manage the hassles of paying bills. As a LifeFone subscriber, you appreciate that aging at home requires different types of support. As you know, Lifefone helps you or your loved one gain access to emergency assistance at the push of a button with 24/7 care agents and reduces concerns about personal safety. Lifefone has partnered with SilverBills to provide you with another type of support to keep you or your loved ones safe. SilverBills receives, scrutinizes and ensures that bills are paid correctly and on-time. Clients no longer need to open envelopes, pay bills or remember deadlines. SilverBills eliminates worries about late fees, suspension of vital services and fraud, and reduces unnecessary paper from entering the home.

Here are a few thoughts from SilverBills Founder and General Counsel, Marci Lobel-Esrig:silverbills

“A few years ago, I was visiting my elderly aunt, and she told me that she had to drive to the car dealer to drop off her check.

My Aunt’s problem and the problem faced by many thousands of Americans seemed small: how to keep up with paying bills on-time and correctly. However the consequences of this problem are huge and often lead to negative outcomes: late fees, eviction, foreclosure and suspension of vital services like heat and hot water.

I started SilverBills to solve this problem. And SilverBills has developed the technology to help clients age in their homes without the burden of paying bills. Since SilverBills launched, we have helped many individuals and their families live in their homes without the stress and anxiety that often accompany paying bills

The process is simple: contact SilverBills, and we will send you an enrollment package in the mail. Return the business reply envelope that we send with the bills you want us to handle together with a voided check. SilverBills will take it from there. You will no longer receive paper bills in the mail, have to write check or remember deadlines. You will continue to receive your checking statement showing your bills have been paid. Call us any time with questions or issues. We love talking to our clients. If you receive a bill that you forgot to send us previously, simply put it in the mail upon receipt, and we will enroll that bill as well.

We charge a reasonable, flat monthly fee and for a limited time, we are offering Lifefone customers the first month of services for free. You can reach us at 866 653 4427 or info@silverbills.com.”

SilverBills has helped their customers’ age safely and securely without having to manage the burden of paying bills. We are excited to partner with SilverBills and offer this valuable service to Lifefone clients as a complementary service.

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