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Medical Alert System: It’s not just for Grandma Anymore!

When you hear the words, medical alert system, you might instantly think about your parents, grandparents, elderly aunt or uncle.  Typically these systems have been promoted as a service that helps an elderly person in the event they have a medical emergency.  While this is indeed a very logical and appropriate assumption, you may be surprised about some of the other situations in which these systems are useful!

Medical alert systems are also known as PERS or personal emergency response systems.  When thought of in these terms, they suddenly sound useful and valuable for many individuals, not just the elderly.  PERS offer peace of mind and protection for many individuals. LifeFone wants to give you a number of ways in which a PERS can be useful to families and individuals of all ages:

  1. Latch-key kids: Each family decides for themselves the age at which their children are allowed to stay home alone. Sometimes you might find a younger child home alone for a very short period while a parent runs to the bank, the grocery store or a gas station.  Other children may be home alone after school for several hours at a time and even older kids may spend far more hours, even overnights, on their own.  What better source of comfort than a personal alert device? At the push of a button, whether for a medical emergency or a moment of fear, help can be sent on its way! Yes, many kids have cell phones but how often do they misplace them or run out of battery?  A PERS unit is safer and because of the personalized care plan, more valuable in times of need – nothing for a young child to remember than to push the button!On The Go Medical Alarm System
  2. Taxi or Truck Drivers: A mobile PERS unit with GPS is wonderful for this category of potential users. If a driver has a medical or some other emergency while on the road, these units can be extremely valuable! There is, of course, the caveat that the mobile PERS devices, at this time, use the AT&T network so if a driver is outside of that network, the PERS unit won’t work properly.  In order to see if AT&T works in the area you live and work in, review the AT&T wireless coverage map.
  3. Those Who Live Alone: As an alternative to a home alert system, the PERS unit is very useful for several reasons. First, shortly after the button is pushed, a loud voice comes on the line alerting the subscriber that the unit has been activated. Might this deter someone who is breaking in?  Secondly, the personalized care plan allows for care agents to dispatch the right kind of help whether police, fire or medical care is needed.
  4. Those Who Work Alone (Especially At Night): Are you a guard shack employee?  Do you work in a factory alone at night? Do you work in a remote location?  If these situations, or similar ones, apply to you, a PERS unit may be right for you.  Having access to emergency care at the push of the button certainly offers peace of mind – you may still be alone but emergency services aren’t inaccessible.

These are just a few scenarios where a PERS (a.k.a. medical alert system) might be the perfect solution regardless of health or age.  If any of these situations describe you, contact LifeFone to learn more about how a PERS can be beneficial to you!

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