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Monthly Archives: April 2020

7 Ways To Show Seniors Gratitude this May

Most people recognize May as the month that hosts Mother’s Day. And while the national holiday is rightfully cherished by millions of American families, many folks are unaware that May is also “Older Americans Month.” Interestingly, the two observances are actually quite similar; they’re both centered on honoring elders for their selfless sacrifices to the benefit of children and society.

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Selecting the Right Medical Alert System

When an emergency situation arises, you aren't always able to pick up a phone and call for help. This is where a medical alert system makes sense, especially for the elderly, those who live alone and those with medical concerns.

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Host A Family Meeting To Make Elder Care Decisions

Making tough decisions on the health and welfare of your aging parents is difficult. You may want to gather all family members who will be impacted by the decision and have a family meeting. While it’s true that geography may make the logistics of this difficult, consider gathering family that lives local and hosting a web cam chat with those that are not geographically local.

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How To Find A Job That Allows You To Still Feel Retired

It’s not unusual to want to work a bit during retirement. Maybe you want to supplement your income, maybe you just have some time you’d like to fill, or maybe you have some skills that you miss exercising. If so, you’re not alone, as many retirees are coming back into the workforce these days. You might not want to leave your new lifestyle completely behind, though, so think about these retirement-friendly job options.

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PERS & Coronavirus Social Distancing

The coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis is in full effect and has taken most of the world by storm. Millions of Americans are engaged in responsible social distancing, and high-risk groups like seniors are advised to self quarantine altogether. But what can be done to ensure the general well being of aging adults who are now living mostly alone?

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